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Instant Marketing Toolbox
Affiliate Marketing

Inside this exclusive resource, you’ll be given lots of powerful options for promoting When you first signed up, you should have received a URL like this:

This is your unique affiliate ID#.

Just put your unique affiliate ID# where it says "xxx" in the above link. So when people click on this link and they buy – you’ll be credited with the sale. Right now our tracking system is set at a full 10 years. So if someone visits from your link and they buy a year later – you’ll still get credit for the sale!

Earn Ongoing Monthly Commissions!

This is the first monthly membership site we've put together so that means you'll get a recurring commission each month a customer stays onboard. And to get people to sign-up we're giving away a FREE 10-day trial to the toolbox.

This product is really geared towards small business owners who are too busy working in their business to do any marketing. This is not a "make money online" offer so if your list is into that - take a pass on this one.

Here's the deal - monthly memberships are
$19.95/month for Silver or $29.95/month for Gold.

You'll get 25% commissions on each of the monthly memberships. That's $4.99 - $7.49/month, each and every month while people remain members.


We've worked really hard to make this integrate with our existing Synergyx affiliate program. We've paid for even more custom programming to get the recurring billing feature with to interface so you could keep your same id#.

Now because of the delayed billing function and the monthly recurring revenue we had to make some modifications.

1. Each sale will be credited to you but you cannot access these stats in real-time on the regular Synergyx control panel. (You can email support and we'll let you know how you're doing).

2. At the end of the month when we post all orders directly to Synergyx you'll receive those commission notifications and see them added to your regular commissions.

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Click below to pick up tools you can use right away...

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Using these promotion tips you have no excuse not to effectively promote your program and start making big commissions!

And don't worry. I'll be sending you periodic emails letting you in on new promotional weapons that are working and lots of tips and news to keep you updated. I really appreciate you joining our affiliate program and I wish you great success.

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