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The easiest and fastest way to create an immediate cash surge is to send an email to your *opt-in* email list. (I'm not talking about spam!) This is an email list of people subscribed to your ezine (email newsletter), people who requested updates from you and people who have given you *permission* to email them. Getting this point is absolutely critical.

You cannot just send out the following email to millions of people on the Internet. If you have a doubt in your mind about whether or not you should send out an email - our suggestion is DON'T!!

Remember if we even get one complaint of spamming you will be terminated from the Affiliate program.

Just put your unique affiliate ID# where it says "xxxxx" in the link below. So when people click on this link and they buy - you'll be credited with the sale. Feel free to change this email to suit your needs - but it works 'as is' quite well.

* * *
[[firstname]] - free trial of the new Instant Marketing Toolbox

Hi [[firstname]],

If you're too busy running your business to even think 
about marketing -- this is what you've been waiting for.

As a valued subscriber, you can "test-drive" Yanik
Silver's new "Instant Marketing Toolbox" for a full 10 days 
absolutely risk-free.

Claim your free trial here:

Imagine a steady stream of "ready-to-use, plug-in-and-go" 
marketing tools you could put to use right away in your

Take Tool #1 for instance - "A simple way to get your 
customers to immediately increase their orders 
37% - 341% or more!"

You'll get scripts, ad copy and tons of examples to make 
this powerful concept work for you right away. Literally 
90% of the hard work is done for you so you can even hand 
this off to your staff to get done.

Plus, inside the membership site you'll find 3 incredible 
bonuses (all yours to keep no matter what you decide):

 Bonus #1: 
 "Advanced Instant Sales Letters" - Not available for any 
 price, anywhere - this collection of "under-the-radar" sales 
 letter templates are the "atom bombs" of marketing. These 
 are not your typical sales letters by any stretch. 

 Bonus #2: 
 "Insider Conversations With My Mastermind Group" - Every 
 month, I meet with my private marketing mastermind group 
 and think tank. We call ourselves the "marketing junkies" 
 because each of us has vast libraries of marketing materials 
 lining our walls - but really we're more like the "marketing 
 special forces commandos".

 Bonus #3: 
 "7 Hidden Psychological Factors To Persuade Customers to 
 Buy NOW!" - Here's a rare interview conducted with the 
 nation's foremost authority on persuasion, Dr. Robert 
 Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini reveals the 7 most powerful 
 psychological triggers you can use to get customers to 
 say "YES". 

And there's even more if you choose the free trial of the 
Gold membership. You'll also get:

  * A pre-done, fill-in-the-blanks postcard or ezine 
  newsletter that you can send out to your customers or 

  * A success interview with today's top business experts. 
  People like Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Robert Allen and 
  many more. And more...

I don't have enough room in this email to tell you 
everything inside the new private site. That's why I'm 
inviting you to "test-drive" it - absolutely free of charge - 
for 10 full days. Look it over. Download all the free bonuses. 
Try out the first month's "tool" in your business. Send out 
the pre-done newsletter. Listen to the success interview. And 
then email me your opinion if you think we have a winner here 
or not. 

At the end of the trial period, if you want to continue 
receiving a new steady stream of ready-to-use marketing 
tools - just do nothing, and you'll automatically be billed 
the special low introductory subscription rate.

However, if after going through everything in the first 
month's toolbox, your verdict is "no thanks," - that's okay, 
too. It really is. 

There are no strings attached to this free offer. There 
isn't some long, complicated drawn out process to cancel 
your free trial. With your confirmation email there's a 
link at the bottom to cancel. You just click on this link 
and you're automatically cancelled. That's it - nice and 
simple. No games and no tricks. 

Other marketers selling monthly membership sites, of course, 
are outraged that Yanik is giving away a free 10-day trial. 
That doesn't bother us because we've always believed one of 
the best ways to introduce a new product is with a free 

Remember, regardless of your final decision - everything on 
the site is yours to keep. Of course we realize there will 
be a few unscrupulous "free loaders" who will download 
everything and cancel the same-day -- but we're not worried 
about them. If we have to put up with a handful of these 
people to get quality prospects like you to try out the 
new site - then so be it!

Sign up now for your free trial here:

I guarantee you'll love not having to suffer through the 
pain and hassle of marketing yourself!



P.S. A small handful of people got a sneak peek at
the site - here are a few of their comments:


"The problem is most business owners (myself included) have 
trouble finding the time and energy to create more marketing
materials. We have too many fires to put out in a typical 
business day. That's why I think the Instant Marketing 
Toolbox is so valuable -- Yanik Silver has taken the work 
and sweat out of doing more marketing. He makes it easy to 
grow your business." 
- Bill Harrison, Bradley Communications Corp,


"What a deal! A paint-by-the-numbers approach to easy 
marketing and big bucks! I love it!"
- Joe Vitale,


Claim your free trial here:

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