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You can place these little ads in lots of places. On your website as a text link, as an ezine ad, as a signature file, etc. We'll cover all of these options and more in just a bit. For now, here are the different headlines you can use:

If you're too busy running your business to even think about marketing - this is what you've been waiting for!

Now you can instantly generate all the customers you want, cash on demand and add zeros to your bottom line…with practically no work on your part.

With practically zero work on your part here's how to get all the customers you want, create cash on demand and add a bare-bones minimum of $50,000.00 to your bottom line…100% guaranteed!

Announcing the first turn-key marketing system for getting all the customers you want, creating cash on demand and adding a bare-bones minimum of $50,000.00 to your bottom line…it's so easy, even a 10 year-old can handle it!

Why put up with lousy marketing results when you I can do everything for you and guarantee your success?

Introducing the first turn-key marketing system - created just for busy business owners like you - brings in all the customers, profits and success you could ever want - with practically no work on your part!

Who else wants amazing business success and profits without the hassle, stress and pain of doing all the marketing yourself?

New Instant Marketing Toolbox gets rid of everything you hate about your business and keeps the only part you like - lots and lots of cash rolling in!

Introducing the first, turn-key monthly marketing system where over 90% of the hard work is already done for you. You just plug in a few details and you're off and running!

Finally, relief from the pain and hassle of marketing your business or practice!

Marketing made easy!

Introducing the first turnkey, "plug-and-go" marketing solution -- puts your promotion on autopilot each and every month

Every month you'll get new "ready-to-use", "get-out-the-door" and "start-making-money" marketing promotions delivered to you on a silver platter from Yanik Silver until you say 'STOP! I can't handle all the new business'!…

One very effective way to make use of these headlines is to use them as text links on your website. Very often text links will outperform banners or graphical ads.

Text links should be set-up in a prominent place on your website for maximum exposure and maximum effectiveness.

Here’s how to setup a text link:


For example:
<A HREF="> Want more business? Looking to increase sales? Create referrals? Click here for the answer<A>

Just be sure to add your unique affiliate ID# where "xxx" is in the URL. And any text you want (the headlines) you simply copy and paste. Anything you write in between the tag beginning and ending will be underlined and become a hypertext link.

Text links have been proven to be much, much more effective than just banners!

Don't forget you can have several of these mini headline ads hitting prospects' different "hot buttons" on your site.

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